Friday, October 29, 2010

Miped Montage

Headmaster Ankhyja Is The Main focus in this army without him this army would be useless
He is basically the building point on which i used for this army
The Main reason i am putting The Headmaster in this army is because he is needed to keep the invisibility going 
This is because i am using Rasbma Darini Which as you probably know negates all invisibility abilities. So I am using Headmaster's Ability to counter that and give this army more power ,so lets get on to the army shall we?


1. Rasbma Darini/Sandstorm Shroud
2. Iflar, The Crown Prince/Mind Prism
3. Rasbma Darini/Sandstorm Shroud
4. Owayki/Citadel Fragments
5. Owayki/Citadal Fragments
6. Headmaster Ankhyja/Phobia Plates

Velocitrap (0 bp)
Velocitrap (0 bp)
Synaptic Acceleration (1 bp)
Airsault (2 bp)
Airsault (3 bp)
Atmosfear (4 bp)
Atmosfear (5 bp)
Earth Pulse (6 bp)
Earth Pulse (7 bp)
Hurlicane (7 bp)
Hurlicane (7 bp)
Thunder Shout (9 bp)
Blind Fury (10 bp)
Flying Advantage (10 bp)
Flying Advantage (10 bp)
Slowsand (12 bp)
Slowsand (14 bp)
Hampering Winds (16 bp)
Ultimate Warstance (20 bp)
Shriek Shock (20 bp)

The Storm Tunnel Flooding
The Storm Tunnel Flooding
Jade Pillar
Brawler's Burrow
Brawler's Burrow
Mipedim Lounge
Sands Of The Unseen
Sands Of The Unseen
The Darkened Dunes
The Passage, Overworld